Sarah & David's Wedding Day


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On behalf of the happy couple & the entire team at AJ Hayes Photography & Film I wanted to thank you for helping us make Sarah & David's day so much better by providing your POV (point of view) photos and videos from your own devices.

It is always amazing to see the precious moments that the guests manage to capture that our team can't because we're not you! Sometimes it's just a simple case of being in the right place at the right time to capture that perfect moment that no-one else saw.

Allowing the couple to look back and see things through the eyes of their much loved family and friends adds a whole new element to the day for them that they would not have experienced otherwise.

So to share your photos and videos we simply need you to click the button below which is titled "Upload Your Photos & Videos Here". This will open a new page in Dropbox where we have prepared a special folder for Sarah & David's photos and videos to be stored. That way when Sarah & David receive the official photos and videos from the day we will also provide them with your beautiful captures as well.

From the Dropbox page you just need to follow the easy prompts to assist you in uploading your photos and videos. that is all there is to it. Once you're all done you can sit bac, relax & enjoy the celebrations!

Oh & while you're here. Feel free to share your favs to our social pages (Our social media links are near the top & bottom of this page)

Thanks so much

AJ Hayes