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Your wedding marks the beautiful culmination of a special and unique love story, where cherished moments, woven by two hearts leading up to this very day, become one.

At AJ Hayes Photography & Film; we go beyond the roles of mere photographers and videographers. We are dedicated storytellers, committed to capturing these timeless threads of emotion in an authentic and heartfelt manner, ensuring that your special day will be treasured for a lifetime

Your Wedding Journey

Selecting the perfect team to capture the unique story of your wedding day is really important. We truly understand the significance of this choice as our team will have the privilege to spend more time with you both than most other people do on your wedding day. So, when you connect with us, we need to get to know each other a bit better.

The first step is setting up a pre-wedding consultation. A bit like going on a coffee date for the first time. There are no costs or strings attached. Our approach is simply about fostering trust and a deep connection. This connection is important because it sets the tone for a day that's all about you. 

We'll have the opportunity to try and build a great rapport together and see if we are a good fit. We'll also be able to provide you with honest advice, provide you with connections to other vendors, and answer some of the FAQs that you may want to know when starting to plan your big day.

What you can expect from your pre-wedding consultation:

  • A face-to-face or video call with one of the senior members of our team

  • An opportunity for you to share your vision of your day with us (or if you don't have one we can assist you to get started)

  • Get an understanding of the wedding timeline from the pre-consultation til your day along with our expectations

  • Discuss our various ready-to-go packages to suit your needs, desires and budget (or we can fully customise a package to suit you)

  • Receive advice and examples for wedding schedules, ideas to keep guests entertained, gain a host of recommended wedding vendors, and of course;

  • Have all of your burning questions answered

A group of friends at a coffee shop
A group of friends at a coffee shop
man and woman holding hands
man and woman holding hands
man and woman standing near railings
man and woman standing near railings
man kissing woman on her forehead
man kissing woman on her forehead
bride and groom kissing under brown tree
bride and groom kissing under brown tree
a group of people standing on top of a beach
a group of people standing on top of a beach
a man and a woman standing in front of a waterfall
a man and a woman standing in front of a waterfall
$1,597 inc GST

Our Wedding Packages

Intimate Secrets
Personalised Creations
Serenity Elopements
Majestic Creations
Enchanted Bliss
(Luxury Elopement Package)
(Large Weddings / Most Popular Package)
All-Inclusive (Stress-free) Elopements
(Build Your Own Package)

Payment Plans Are Available!

$6,597 inc GST
Custom Quotes Available
(Smaller Weddings / Budget Friendly)
$3,297 inc GST
Boutique Elegance
$4,997 inc GST
(Medium-sized Weddings / Value Package)
from $1,597 inc GST

Welcome to Your Unforgettable Love Story

We're not just about weddings; we're about crafting love stories that will be cherished forever, meticulously created through the art of photography and film.. Every detail, every moment, and every glance captured, woven together to create a unique narrative.

A Symphony of Choices, a Team of Storytellers

With our range of wedding packages to give you greater flexibility and choice, you can choose the perfect package to suit your perfect day. Our team of storytellers is here to bring your journey to life. We provide a holistic approach to visual storytelling, blending the art of photography, the magic of film, and the mastery of aerial cinematography. We're ready to capture every dimension of your day, transforming it into an epic saga of love.

*NB - Every feature of our packages is available as an add-on or part of a customised package so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Your Love, Your Way

Every love story is a masterpiece being written. Our packages are designed to be as unique as your journey, finely tailored to encapsulate your story's essence. Explore our packages and let's embark on this extraordinary journey together. Simply click on each package below for the full details.

a couple of rings sitting on top of a table
a couple of rings sitting on top of a table

Before you worry about having to ask a question check out our FAQs and discover how we answer them. Of course you are more than welcome to ask any other questions that you may have but don't forget to check the below to see if we have answered your questions already...

Wedding FAQs & Answers

Q: What is your photography style?

A: We love this question as it gives us a bit of a laugh. We have such a vast amount of experience in our craft that we can shoot and edit in a wide variety of styles. We don't promote a particular style as everyone wants something different. What we will say is that it's our job to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed on the day. We take our role very seriously but we want to make it as enjoyable and fun as possible so there will be a lot of laughter, jokes, fun and banter on the day when you choose our team. We can shoot both candid and posed photos. Lastly we want to give you what you want - it's your wedding day and not ours...

Q: How far in advance can we book your services?

A: We haven't had anyone ask for anything that we weren't able to agree to so at this point we can comfortably say anything up to 3 years would be perfectly okay for us

Q: Can we customise a package to suit our exact needs?

A: Yes of course you can. Because of the size, experience and talent of our team members we can provide a unique and tailored solution that will be the perfect match to your vision for your wedding day

Q: Do you offer engagement or pre-wedding shoot sessions?

A: Yes we do. These are automatically included in some of our packages so check our packages carefully to see which ones are already built-in. These can also be provided as an add-on to any other package if you wish

Q: How many photographers & videographers will be present on our wedding day?

A: Well this largely depends on your package. Our full team consists of 2 photographers, a videographer, a drone operator, and our photography assistant. If you have chosen a package with the 360 Video Booth option then there may be an additional team member to assist with running the booth. So it could range anywhere from a single photographer or videographer to a team of 6 professionals on the day

Q: Do we need to feed you?

A: This is one of my (AJ's) pet peeves! This has aways baffled me about our industry that the majority of photographers want to be fed (and I have heard some horror stories when they haven't been). I don't like the idea of you having to feed me, let alone our entire team! You're already paying a substantial amount of money to us to deliver an exquisite visual package of photos and/or videos. Having to cater for us on top of that seems like quite an entitled demand and that is not what we are about. So to answer the question - absolutely not. We will look after ourselves on the day and will ensure our team has all the food and drink they need. As a side note we do not drink alcohol, vape or smoke while working.  

Q: How long will it be until we receive our photos?

A: Generally we have all photos and videos back to you within a four weeks but this can vary based on the package and how flat out our team is. We present your photographs and/or videos to you on a personalised USB (and you will also be able to view them via a beautiful online gallery prior to this date). If there is a possibility that it will take longer than four weeks we will definitely let you know. However, we generally deliver well within four weeks most of the time. If you have a particular deadline you need us to meet then please let us know prior to your wedding day so we can ensure we can meet that for you

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: Our philosophy is to hope for the best and plan for the worst. It's impossible for us to control the weather (it would be an amazing superpower to have for a photographer), so forward planning is crucial. Having a plan B, C, D, E, F, and G is always a great idea and we will discuss with you this in more detail during the pre-consultation. Obviously in cases of extreme weather it's not something that is easy to plan for. Thankfully there are so many beautiful photos that can be taken indoors and we have tonnes of ideas (not to mention shooting in the rain if that is a possibility). We definitely would rule out some things such as aerial photography/videography in some weather conditions but there is a lot we can still do otherwise in most cases.

Q: We are a bit camera shy and self conscious. Can you help us?

A: Yes we can. In fact here is a little secret - the majority of people are. You are not alone. Again this is why it's so important for us to build a connection with you and to assist you to relax and enjoy the day. We won't try and force you to smile and laugh for every photo and we won't place you into a bunch of poses if that is not your thing. Candid photos are really on trend at the moment and many of the time show the raw emotions better than any staged photos. As storytellers, candid photography is right up our alley. So don't worry, we've done this before and will guide you throughout the day

Q: We are a bit unsure with putting together a schedule for our day. Would you be able to assist us with this at all?

A: We have a timeline/schedule template to assist you and will provide you with an editable copy so you can have a play. During your consultation we can give you plenty of advice and Ideas as well. In addition to this we will give you a photo checklist of a myriad of different ideas you can check off that you may want photos of and don't want them missed. Plus, the checklist has plenty of space to add any of your own that weren't already on there.

Q: Can you supply us with the original or RAW photos?

A: The short answer is No. As much as we could there are a number of reasons why we don't. We shoot in RAW which is the highest possible file format available to us. These files hold the most amount of information in a data format from the camera. You can't print RAW files and you need special software to open and edit the files. As professional photographers and videographers, editing of our files is an important part of our creative and artistic process. Providing the RAW files to our client has the potential to compromise our vision and brand, as we have a very particular way of editing to achieve the finished product. If we supplied the RAW files then this gives someone else the potential to completely edit the file in a different way to how we would have edited it. This means we have no control over the finished product and if edited badly then it can reflect poorly on us. Editing is a skill that takes a lot of time to master, however no two photographers edit the same way either. 

Q: Do you have any recommendations for other wedding vendors?

A: We have plenty but would always advise you to make the decisions yourself. However, we can certainly give you some insights and ideas on who we feel may be a good fit for you

Q: Are we able to order prints or wedding albums through you at all?

A: Yes we provide you with the option of presenting ideas for prints and albums when we present your photos and videos to you. This is something we will ask you about in your consultation. We find that it's best to keep these separate as it can get a bit overwhelming having to think about these prior to the wedding. If you do want to look at ideas we can then give you some examples of what they can look like with your photos too 

woman wearing teal tube dress while smiling
woman wearing teal tube dress while smiling

If you're looking for French inspired bespoke wedding planning, design and management services then speak to Julie and the team at French Affair Hire! The team assist their clients in creating their most memorable, magical celebrations that exceed all expectation. It is not about following trends or even creating new ones for others to follow.

You'll love the meaningful and personal approach that French Affair Hire possess which truly reflect their clients as individuals, and as couples; which encapsulates something about their shared values and sense of style. Your wedding planner should offer you more than simply being efficient and well organised.

Weddings should be romantic as opposed to stressful. Both partners should be able to enjoy every moment of and leading up to your wedding. So go ahead and tell them YOUR dreams for your wedding and they will assist you to clarify your vision and bring your dreams to life in a wedding that is elegant and uniquely personal. Julie's team of creative artisans love to design, construct colour and sew, something uniquely yours, in the colour pallet of your choosing. They will infuse your story and personality into your wedding day to create something breathtaking, meaningful and memorable.

Click through onto French Affair Hire's website and check out their range of exceptional services today. Click here to go to the French Affair Hire website

Our Trusted Vendors

Make a bold statement on your wedding day with the raw power and vintage charm of the Classic American Muscle Wedding Cars from our good friends at Famous Rides! For those who cherish the allure of classic cars and the thrill of high-performance engines, their fleet of wedding cars will elevate your special day to legendary status.

Famous Ride's collection features meticulously restored muscle cars that exude the timeless elegance of the golden era of automotive design. Step into the past and celebrate your love with a touch of nostalgia. Each wedding car exudes charisma and character, reflecting your unique personality as a couple.

Our professional chauffeurs will ensure that your ride is not only breathtaking but also flawless. Whether you’re heading to the chapel, reception, or photo shoot, we’ll handle every detail with utmost care, so you can focus on savoring the joy of your momentous day.

Hop on over to Famous Rides' website and check out their galleries to see our wedding cars in action! Better yet give them a call and speak with Rachel or Dan! Click here to go to the Famous Rides website

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Want to take your wedding to the next level? You need to chat to Fame Productions today! Fame Productions is the home of the hugely popular Spin360 Video Booth and this thing is just cool. Treat yourselves and your guests to the ultimate WOW Factor with the Spin360 Video Booth and the range of special effects equipment from the Fame Productions family.

We must admit the Video Booth is one of our favourite products for guest entertainment. It really adds a whole other element to your day and it's just an absolute blast for all ages. Our "Royal Opulence" wedding package includes exclusive hire of the Spin360 Video Booth already, however if you want to customise your package and include some special effects then definitely head over to the Fame Productions website and have a look at all their offerings to ensure your wedding is remembered a long time after you say "I Do!" Click here to go to the Fame Productions website